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Country-and-Western Performer Tweets and Blogs

December 26, 2009

As the year comes to an end and we find ourselves nearly in 2010. We as a culture are inundated with hearing about indie-rockers, rappers and even tween pop stars tweeting and blogging away about their next best gig, promotion, etc… But you have to stop and ask yourself, when was the last time you heard or saw an update from an old-time sounding country rocker? Most likely you haven’t. That is, unless, you are a fan of the increasingly popular Country-and-Western music artist Steve Barraza.

Steve Barraza is opening new portals in the online country music scene. Barraza has implemented a methodical use of social networking sites such as: Twitter, Facebook, Reverbnation, WordPress, MySpace and Youtube to stay connected to fans while, swelling in global viral popularity as the web’s next new country music superstar. By keeping up with technological trends this musical artist remains one of the fastest growing country music stars via the Internet.

Fans can stay connected with Steve Barraza by visiting his official website: adding him via any of the links listed below: Barraza/